It’s Not Just Point & Click

About Me, My Roots

~ I grew up in Southern Indiana in a small house out in the woods. I spent my childhood playing outside picking wildflowers, riding horses and not ever having a second thought to my strong connection with nature. Art was as natural to me as a flowers blooming in the spring and I found beauty in everyday life like a butterfly floating through a field at sunset. Maybe this is why I have found it so natural to take my photography to nature and find true moments in emotion.

After the birth of our first child I dreamed of watching her grow up the same way I did, running her horse through a wildflower field on a hot summer evening. Life brought me right back to where I started and God blessed me & my spouse with 3 more children. I have found family to be the most important and precious gift. It’s that inspiration that has lead me to find authentic emotion in capturing your story through photographs in a way that makes you feel the poetry in your own life.